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Getting an Admixture Test

            I resent the fact that the only way we can find out more about our lives and heritage along with being able to see images that reflect us is only during the month of February.  African American History Month in the United States is as if suddenly within the month of February the majority seems to realize that we exist.

            Just like the U.S. History book I still have from my high school days we don’t receive the proper representation as we deserve in the social development of the populational demographics.  Demographic mapping is the system by which we are either blessed with or cursed with the kind of programming we are allowed to see by those who control the media.  I am completely tired of seeing reality progrThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.amming which I am suppose to be duped in believing is not coached and planed.  I almost never watch Network Television anymore today.

            That too is a crime because many of my community have to choose to pay for cable TV or food for their children.  We are completely and undeniably being hoarded into self hatred by way of the lack of positive self images appearing on Network TV.  We are lucky to have a few cable networks that show the diversity of our community.  But still there is a great void of Black History and Black Achievements of the past and present and all throughout the entire globe.

            Another February comes along and we who are Black finally are able to taste a bit of our history which is never filling.  The sudden awareness of the majority that we exist gives them the wiliness to allow us to see some programming that reflects what we are starving for.  We don’t have to watch courts and crime shows which we are criminals.  We don’t have to endure commercials where we are often missing.   Suddenly in the month of February we see our images in all and every light.

            I am thankful to BET which is one of the pioneers of showing Black images that today we have The Black Family Channel and TV One, however I am a bit disappointed by the numerous music video shows on BET and many shows that have folks I don’t understand because I don’t talk Ebonics.  Also the numerous religious programming is a bit misleading.  I hope as The Black Family Channel and TV One develops their strength, they will show more positive shows regarding the past achievements we Black have made to Americas prominence as well as show more about all of the Black Nations we endure in.  Nations like Haiti which the United States is trying to steel from the Black populace that possess it.  Nations like New Guinea, Africa and Jamaica as well as the many other nations which Blacks are Large and in Charge. 

            This February I received the greatest gift I could ever get from a TV.  PBS presented the program from the renowned scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. entitled African American Lives.  In this program Mr. Gates took searching ones family tree to the extreme.  I have always thought that it was impossible to really seek out my own history via the lineage of my family.  If there is a DVD to buy in ones life this DVD is something we all need to have in our collection.  From this program I learned that science can now pinpoint to where in Africa I come from.  This has been a desire of mine for some time.  African American Lives was both exciting and filled a part of my life that was lacking.

            I don’t want to over glorify the program but I must say after watching it my entire life changed.  The one thing that made that light go on and sending the greatest enlightenment through my body and deep into my soul was the segment on Admixture testing.  To get an overall picture of your genetic heritage, admixture tests focus on autosomal DNA -- those 22 pairs of non-sex chromosomes that exist in every cell. In each pair, one has been inherited from your mother and one from your father and since this process has taken place over and over again for generations, these autosomes contain recombined segments of DNA from all your ancestors.  read more

            Henry Louis Gates Jr. took various celebrities through a journey of their own lineages as far back as humanly possible in this country that treated us as cattle and property.  We have limited ability to find many if any of our family who lived prior to the civil war.   Mr. Gates along with the help of many experts was able to do the impossible.  I must tell you that the greatest gift that was given to me was what the result of the admixture test regarding Oprah was.  Most people who know me might find the next words amusing coming from me.  I am not the greatest Oprah fan.  I am often tired of hearing “Oprah Said” or “On Oprah’s Show She…”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Oprah hater but on the contrary.  I am proud of what she has done coming from where she came from.  I remember while staying in Chicago, when Oprah first came on.  I saw an ugly nappy haired woman whom I thought was going to fail.  Now she is the most powerful and dynamic, and I must say ATTRACTIVE woman in the world. 

            Oprah’s admixture test dispelled the ugly and disturbing theory from the book the Bell Curve.  The racist and debasing theory that the more European genes you have in you the higher your intelligence is.  Well and Tony Brown pointed out in his book, the folks that are just like Asians are here in America that are most likely to succeed in Great Britain are Africans.  Well out of all the celebrities Mr. Gates took on the journey to find their lineage, Oprah was the only one whose blood line was not damaged by the raping of the women in her past.  Oprah had ZERO European genes!  Take that majority supremacist, the most powerful woman in the world has not one drop of white blood polluting her genetic bloodline.

            This is something I thought was impossible.  I was thinking that we all had white blood flowing through our veins.  This does not mean that Oprah’s past family members weren’t raped by the heinous and barbaric animals that put us into slavery.  Somehow they were able to keep their bloodline clean.  No one will ever know if they somehow aborted when a child of the barbaric thug or if conception never took place.  Still I am more in admiration of Oprah for having 100% African blood flowing through her veins.  

            I am going to get an admixture test if only to hope that I can have the same result as Oprah.  Unfortunately I don’t believe this to be true.  Another thing that came up in African American Lives was that the amount of Native American blood we all think we have with great assertive pride is also a myth.  Finally from DNA testing we can find our region of Africa and maybe even the exact tribe we are from.  The disturbing thing is that we can’t be Zulu.  Most of us are from Western Africa and would be almost impossible to be from distant  regions like Southern Africa.



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