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The Kings of the four seasons by Marcella Muhammad




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        Marcella is a master painter with over 40 years experience who is recognized for her elegant, sophisticated and excitingly colorful style.  She works primarily with oils on canvas but uses pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media when the work demands.  She is noted for her smooth, clean application of oil, often so thin that one can see the warm, natural texture of the canvas underneath, which produces a marrying of color and natural texture that she enjoys. 

Much like Picasso, Marcella has mastered various techniques allowing her to bring to the viewer a variety of moods, emotions, and beauty she sees in every day life.  She treats her art with the passion of the old masters and with every piece communicates insights of real life as it was and as it is.  The color… the detail… the subject… all take on a life of their own. Each of her works, whether a portrait or “plastic space,” are powerful pieces of history, researched to the finest detail and bigger than life on canvas. In every piece her clean, colorful detail is distinctive.

Marcella earned her BFA with honors at the California University at San Bernardino.   She also studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts at Oakland and the University of California at Riverside.   Her formal training and extensive experience gives her an extraordinary range of style and media few artists possess.  Her styles include realism, still life, abstraction, impressionism, portraiture and "plastic space."  "Plastic Space" is an original style developed by Marcella which "is like creating a three dimensional sculpture on a two dimensional surface."   She uses her mastery of balance, perspective, direction of light, shadow, and highlights to create an in and out play of depth and form giving a multidimensional, touchable, textural feel to a visual image.  With the advent of computer technology, Marcella has expanded her skills into digital editing and publication of small run giclée prints for herself and local artists.  

Born in Tuskegee, Alabama as the daughter of a Tuskegee Airman, she was fortunate to grow up in Japan, France, Germany and the United States and to travel throughout Europe and the U.S. She recalls listening to former Tuskegee Airmen talk and laugh about their struggles and triumphs, which gave her a pride in her culture, a culture she loves to depict in her paintings.

Marcella is proud that her "family of collectors" extends across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa.  Her artwork is widely owned and enjoyed by celebrity clientele, including actors, sports figures and television personalities as well as friends, family and many others.

Marcella Hayes Muhammad’s credits include:



  • Fine Arts by Todd, Atlanta, GA
  • Paloma Editions, San Diego, CA
  • Carole Joy Creations, Inc., Brookfield, CT
  • African American Expressions™, Sacramento, CA


  • Honorable Mention - Jubilee Cultural Arts Alliance Indoor Juried Exhibition 2004, Cobb County Atlanta, GA- September 2004
  • 2004 Palette Award for Best In Realism - Heritage Arts Festival , Gallery At South Dekalb, Decatur, GA -July 2004
  • Featured Artist, Heritage Arts festival Gallery At South Dekalb, Decatur, GA - July 2003
  • "Southern Roots" Distinguished Alabama Artist Award - Academy of Fine Arts, Inc., Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama - 2003,
  • First Place Award - African Americans For The Arts, , "Holidays Aglow" Juried Exhibition, Atlanta, GA - December 2001


  • Jubilee Cultural Arts Alliance Indoor Juried Exhibition 2004 Honorable Mention Award Cobb County Atlanta, GA- September 2004
  • African American For The Arts Juried Member Exhibition, Mable House Cultural Center Mabelton, GA -2004
  • Heritage Arts Festival 2004 Palette Award for Best In Realism, Gallery At South Dekalb, Decatur, GA -July 2004
  • Featured Artist, Heritage Arts festival Gallery At South Dekalb, Decatur, GA - July 2003
  • Academy of Fine Arts, Inc. "Southern Roots" Distinguished Alabama Artist Award, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama - 2003,
  • African Americans For The Arts "Holidays Aglow" Juried Exhibition, Atlanta, GA - 2002
  • Academy Of Fine Arts, Inc. "Southern Roots" Juried Exhibition, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama - 2002
  • Hampton University Museum, "New Power Generation National Juried Exhibition 2001," Hampton, VA - 2001-2002
  • African Americans For The Arts, First Place Award, "Holidays Aglow" Juried Exhibition, Atlanta, GA - December 2001
  • Demonstrating Artist, Underground Atlanta, Atlanta, GA - 2001
  • Featured Artist, Underground Atlanta, Atlanta, GA - August 2000
  • The Georgia Heritage Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA – 2002, 2001, 1999
  • National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA – 2000, 1998, 1996
  • Manatee County African-American Festival of the Arts, Palmetto, FL – 1998
  • “Changing the Face of Creativity,” Atlanta, GA - 1998, 1997, 1996
  • Black History Month Art Show, Douglasville, GA - 1997, 1998
  • Southeastern Fine Crafts Invitational Exhibition, Art Station Gallery, Stone Mountain, GA - 1998
  • Douglasville Cultural Arts Center, Douglasville, GA - “12th Annual Juried Fine Arts Show National Competition” - November, 1998
  • Jomandi Legacy Awards, Atlanta, GA - June 1996
  • San Bernardino County Government Center - “Black Artists in View” - February 1987 - sponsored by the National Council of Negro Women,Inc., Inland Empire Section
  • National Urban League Convention, Los Angeles, CA - “Black Artist Showcase” - August 1978


  • The Forum At Defoor, Atlanta, GA - "African American History Month" - February-March 2003
  • Westminster Christian Preparatory School, Atlanta, GA - "African American History Month" - February 2003
  • Underground Atlanta, Atlanta, GA - "Celebration" - November 2002
  • Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GA - "Influences: the Conversation Between Music and Visual Art" - February - March 2002
  • Foothill College, Los Altos, CA - one woman show, “In Celebration of the Work of Marcella Hayes Muhammad” - February 1999
  • California History Center, Cupertino, CA - “In Celebration of African American Art in Northern California Since 1860” - February 1999
  • Cascade, Fine Art By Todd, Atlanta, GA - “Creativity in Motion” - December 1998
  • Soapstone Center for the Arts, Decatur, GA - “African American Heritage and History Through the Arts” sponsored by the National Council of Negro Women and Men, DeKalb Section - October 1996, February 1997
  • “Good Day Atlanta" FOX Channel 5, Atlanta, GA - artwork featured on morning television news show with Amanda Davis - May 30, 1996
  • San Bernardino Valley College, San Bernardino, CA - “Two Generations of Black Art” sponsored by the San Bernardino Chapter of the Links, Inc. - February, 1980
  • San Bernardino City Hall, San Bernardino, CA - “Black History Month Celebration” - July 1976 - Sponsored by the Department of the Air Force and the City of San Bernardino
  • College of the Desert, Palm Springs, CA - “Black History Month Exhibit” - February 1975
  • Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, CA - “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial observance” - January 1975 & 1976 - sponsored by the Department of the Air Force
  • Numerous private showings in galleries, restaurants, businesses and private homes - 1965 - present


  • “Cleopatra VII” - commissioned by the Apex Museum, Atlanta, Ga, for the video presentation, “The Journey,” in the African American Panoramic Experience which also featured several of her other pieces.
  • “Changing the Face of Creativity” - commissioned by The Atlanta Women’s Fund, Atlanta, GA, to design the cover art work for the annual fund raising campaign, “Changing the Face of Creativity”
  • Portraiture - commissioned by various celebrities and private clients to do personal and family portraits
  • Graphic Design - commissioned by numerous organizations including the NCNW, The Sportsmen Athletic Club of San Bernardino, Urban League, Links, Inc. and others to design covers for programs, and fund raising events


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