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So much is said about how Barack Obama is not Black enough.  I find it extremely hard to stomach the fact that a Black Man is not Black enough and yet a white cracker from Arkansas is celebrated as the “First Black President!?”  I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but I assure you that no matter where Barack Obama goes, he is first identified by his color rather than anything else.  Bill Clinton is not ostracized by anything like that. 

I am not beating the drum for Obama as much as pointing out the facts that are so obviously forgotten.  To get a blow job from a subordinate at work would not only cause me my job but as a Black Man I would also be lynched, “in this day and age.”  Any man in the private sector would loose his job let alone a Black man.  But Clinton is the “First Black President!?”  Then take in the fact that one hundred thousand jobs were lost in California because of Clinton’s base closings and his signing of the NAFTA free trade agreement.  So when you Americans call to fix your cable, your internet or dispute a hospital bill, look to Clinton as to why you are talking to someone from India.  Those of you who are loosing your jobs at the Ford F-150 plant in Norfolk Virginia which employees thousands of poor to middle class folks and supplies a great deal of economical contribution to the entire area, look to Clinton for your loss.

That brings me to Hilarious Hillary.  Ask yourself how a southern woman became a senator of New York?  We have been blinded by the atrocities committed during the Clinton administration that we fall into the bandwagon of this piece of work.  I don’t know all the skeletons in Obama’s closet but I do know the multitudes of bones that pummel the door of Hillary’s. 



Virtually no attention has been given to Hillary's Clinton's reported anti-Jewish statements. This is another example of the impenetrable media bubble placed around HRC since her husband first ran for president.

There have been a few exceptions. For example, in August 2000, the NY Post reported:

"The Arkansas man who accused Hillary Rodham Clinton last month of uttering an anti-Semitic slur in 1974 has passed a lie-detector test arranged by The Post. Paul Fray, who has charged Mrs. Clinton called him a "f- - -ing Jew bastard"



WHAT WHITEWATER WAS ALL ABOUT: Almost totally lost in the Clinton saga known as Whitewater is what Whitewater was originally all about. It was basically a land resort scam of the sort that local TV stations win awards for exposing. Here's how it happened:

In the late 1970s, the Clintons and McDougals buy land in the Ozarks with mostly borrowed funds. The Clintons get 50% interest with no cash down. The plot, known as Whitewater, is fifty miles from the nearest grocery store. The Washington Post will report later that some purchasers of lots, many of them retirees, "put up houses or cabins, others slept in vans or tents, hoping to be able to live off the land." HRC writes Jim McDougal, said that "If Reagonomics works at all, Whitewater could become the Western Hemisphere's Mecca." More than half of the purchasers will lose their plots thanks to the sleazy form of financing used. The McDougals will be among a number of close HRC's friends and business associates who will end up in jail..



ON APRIL 27, 1998, deputy independent counsel Hickman Ewing met with his prosecutors to decide on whether to indict Hillary Clinton. Here's what happened as reported by Sue Schmidt and Michael Weisskopf in their book, "Truth at Any Cost:"

"[Ewing] paced the room for more than three hours, recalling facts from memory in his distinctive Memphis twang. He spoke passionately, laying out a case that the first lady had obstructed government investigators and made false statements about her legal work for McDougal's S & L, particularly the thrift's notorious multimillion-dollar Castle Grande real estate project. . .The biggest problem was the death a month earlier of Jim McDougal. . . Without him, prosecutors would have a hard time describing the S & L dealings they suspected Hillary Clinton had lied about."

Business partner Jim McDougal, who once said that the Clintons move through people's lives like a tornado, died in prison after being placed in solitary confinement for a second time even though he was on 12 medications for his heart and other conditions. There were questions about the drugs given, including Lasix which is contraindicated for heart patients. In the hours before McDougal died he had complained of dizziness and became ill but was never seen by a doctors. He had also been separated from his heart medication. An autopsy on McDougal finds "a toxic but non-lethal amount" of Prozac in his body according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The medical examiner declared the death unrelated to the amount of Prozac, which was three times the normal dosage.



1993 - HILLARY CLINTON and David Watkins move to oust the White House travel office in favor of World Wide Travel, Clinton's source of $1 million in fly-now-pay-later campaign trips that essentially financed the last stages of the campaign without the bother of reporting a de facto contribution. The White House fires seven long-term employees for alleged mismanagement and kickbacks. The director, Billy Dale, charged with embezzlement, will be acquitted in less than two hours by the jury. An FBI agent involved in the case, IC Smith, will write later, "The White House Travel Office matter sent a clear message to the Congress as well as independent counsels that this Whit House would be different. Lying, withholding evidence, and considering - even expecting - underlings to be expendable so the Clintons could avoid accountability for their actins would become the norm."

Number of times Hillary Clinton said "I don't recall" or its equivalent in a statement to a House investigating committee: 50. Number of paragraphs in this statement: 42


TWO MONTHS after commencing the Whitewater scheme, Hillary Clinton invested $1,000 in cattle futures. Within a few days she has a $5,000 profit. Before bailing out she earns nearly $100,000 on her investment. Many years later, several economists will calculate that the chances of earning such returns legally were one in 250 million.

AGBIZ TILLER - Mrs. Clinton's ability to turn $1000 into a near $100,000 in ten months of futures trading, a congressional study would learn, coincided with a period of time that a select group of executives from packing houses, grain companies, feedlot operators and commodity brokers reaped tens of millions of dollars in an "insider" trading scheme in the cattle futures market. . . Between February, 1978 and April, 1979 some 32 cattle industry insiders made profits of $110 million by selling cattle futures after they received some 15 "secret signals," which was followed within an average two and one half day period, by a marked drop in cattle future prices. Then Rep. Neal Smith (Dem.-Iowa), chairman of the House Small Business Committee, which released the report in February, 1981 noted that in all a total of some 1027 individuals made total net profits of approximately $156 million. Thus, three percent of the large traders --- those with 50 contracts or more --- with correlated trading activity and/or common business affiliations accounted for 70% of the total net profits of this group of traders. Mrs. Clinton traded 50 or more contracts three times . . .

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Bill Clinton, “The First Black President!?” serving from 1993 to 2001, did not have a Black Man as his top ranking heads of state.  Just look at the idiot George W. Bush’s line of succession.  This is the list of those who are next in line of the presidency.  History shows that Bush is the better friend of the Black community and Women. Yet again I am sickened by the honor we bestow to Clinton.  I even more sicken by the fact that I have to give honor to G.W. who we all know is a buffoon.   


        1 Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate Richard Cheney                           Clinton’s office       

        2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi                                              Tom Foley / Newt Gingrich

        3 President of the Senate pro tempore Robert Byrd                                                      Thurmond • Byrd • Stevens • Byrd   

        4 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice , Colin Powell                                              Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright

        5 Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson    

        6 Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

        7 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

        8 Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne

        9 Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns –    

        Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez (ineligible; not a natural-born citizen) --    

        Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao (ineligible; not a natural-born citizen)    

        10 Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt

        11 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson    

        12 Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters

        13 Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman

        14 Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings    

        15 Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson

        16 Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff ††


            I don’t know what constitutes as Black Enough.  I don’t want to see Snoop Daug in the office of president.  I don’t think we need the “Keep it Real” types in office.  Soul plane and movies such as that show me that we spend our money in the wrong places to enhance our image.  But my saying this makes me not Black Enough.  We are our own worst enemies as we continue to degrade ourselves and those around us that are trying to be positive.  I look around at the image we portray in all the Medias and feel embarrassed.  I walk the streets of my community and I feel ashamed that I am of the same seed.  This attitude causes me to be not Black Enough.  I realize that the ills of our community does not represent the entire community at large but until we all speak up like Bill Cosby, until we all speak out against the thugs in our own households, Until we vote for the betterment of our communities and our world as a whole, we will continue to be forth and fifth class citizens in this country.

            It’s time for a Black Man to rise to prominence in the country.  It’s time for a Real Black President to be elected.  It is time the community to speak with a solid voice and support a Black Man, not because he is Black, for Jesse and Al have run before.  We need a solid voice to support a true viable and qualified Black Man.  We have allowed the Woman’s movement, the Gay movement and the rainbow movement push our own agenda and rights back to the bottom of the spectrum.  Black People stand strong!  Black People stand united!  Black People stand proud!  Don’t allow false maudlin as to allow Hilarious Hillary control our future.

             I ask you to consider the fact that most of America is in fact working poor.  Many are living paycheck to paycheck and one week away from being homeless.  Why do you think so much rage and hostility is growing?  We have so much and yet so little.  Don’t fall into the idea that abortion and gay marriage is the focus on our minds.  Don’t think the war in Iraq is the main focus of our concerns.  We want to know how to pay for what we have or want.  Housing is out of control when only 15% of a population can afford a home.  When thirty million illegal immigrants come into this country and we are told they are working job we don’t want.  Just go to McDonalds and try to place an order in English.  Just go to construction sites and try to speak English.  Just watch who is cutting your grass, and who is sitting in state hospital emergency rooms, they are taking jobs away from us, our children and sucking our economy dry. 

            I don’t know who the best candidate is but I know that Hilarious Hillary is not the one.  Great Britain tried a woman while they abolished slavery long before us and still has yet to vote a Black Man.  New Zealand has voted a woman and the Māori are fifth class citizens.  To think that any one person is going to make a difference would be a mistake; still I feel we should look outside our paradigms and choose someone that might be able to do so.  I advocate to always voting out the incumbent.  This time the incumbent is a lame duck and has been for eight years.

            I would like someone to address the prices of goods and service so that we all can save.  I would like someone to address affordable solar power so we all can get off the grid.  I would like someone to address the digging and stripping of the planet so our children will have a future.  I would like someone to address the status of the other lives on this planet.  Starvation, AIDS, War,  and the other crimes that we commit upon each other.  In order to address these concerns we all must do our part and that starts with voting incumbents out and choosing outside our paradigms. 


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