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Black Queens

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     This is a dedication to the beauty, strength, and uphill struggle of the Nubian Black       Queen as she is the epitome of exquisiteness.

As the sun rises in a Black man's world

There’s nothing like a Black Lady to share his life

A beautiful Queen to share his life with

Love Her

Romance Her

Care for Her

Make him a phantom

(Past lover)

Give her the World

Make her Significant in your life

Cause her no pain or belief of making an error in you

Make here your Queen not your concubine

Hanging out & being cool is not devout but being a fool

Open your heart to her and give it unconditionally

She is your heart

Spoil her and give unto her what she deserves

Make love to her for her satisfaction

Not just yours  

Be a Husband, Father, Daddy:

Don’t leave your Queen alone to struggle

Show your Black Queen one hundred times ONE HUNDRED ways!


  Black Queens

   by Christopher Darrick Odom

       To all my Black Queens

Black Images


Sharon Wilson

Marcella Muhammad


Tracy Andrews

Thank you my beautiful Queens

Your devoted King




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