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Yesterday's Gone

     In June 1965 a great man died.  A father of two and a husband.  Thirty one years young and yet to achieve his dreams.  I was only five years old, I can't say that I really knew all about him or even really knew him.  I remember my sister and I making up a special date for him and my mom as a childhood gift.  I remember he liked cars and working on them.  I remember he was always very romantically amorous towards my mother.

     Since I was only five at the time of his passing, I should only have a few if any memories.  But I am filled with many memories because the last time I saw my Daddy was in a coffin after he suffered a horrific factory accident in which he was in a fire and died from sever burns.  I refused to remember that man in the coffin.  I refused to remember facade that was made into his image.  So I remembered....

     I remember his smile when he was happy.  I remember that to me he was a giant.  I remember sitting on the floor and watching TV in the kitchen.  Mommy was sitting in a chair and Daddy on one side of her and I on the other.  I remember his walk and I remember his voice.  I refused to remember that body in the casket.

     To this day I choose not to go to funerals because I rather to remember the person I knew not the person in the box.  As I have surpassed Daddy's years by fifteen today I can only hope what I would be like, had he lived.  His only boy has grown up.  His son has become a man, does he like what I've become and done with my life?

     Today I only wish to be what he wanted to be and do what he wanted to do, to fulfill our destinies.  I know he is still around because on March 11th 2003 I was in a fatal car accident in which I broke every bone below my hips and broke my c3 bone in my neck.  I should be either dead or at best paralyzed and yet I walk, run and continue.  Daddy reached down form Heaven and enveloped me into his wings and protected me.  Daddy was there to see that I was safe enough to continue on to complete the challenge of our destinies.

     Daddy is still with us and we will see him again.  In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there is a statement which states: For every time you name is declared you will continue to live.  James Tucker Odom, you will continue to live!!!

        Thank you for saving my life





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