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The Kings of the four seasons by Marcella Muhammad



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      featured artist of the month 

    Will Capers  

  "I've been a rising black artist since I was three and a half. Now, I have turned my attention towards focusing my energy to create 'cartoons' that talk about the issue we don't want to tackle let alone face. The ink and pen cartoons drawn in my artwork folder and my blogs were drawn by me because they needed to be drawn. I'm not ashamed of drawing that I think. I know my drawings will not change the world, but I will draw as if they will."



  Click to view Will's work



Sylvia Rundles of Gbaby's© creates find ladies purses along with other creations of great flair.      


Giovonnie Samuels & Sylvia Rundles  



In Los Angeles visit them @ 5428 S. Crenshaw Blvd



  Conceptions by Sharon Wilson

     The art of Bermudian artist Sharon Wilson speaks a universal language. It is the language of the human spirit. Through her pastels she explores and celebrates the best that is in each of us.  more


                                             In the Mirror 


Mother and Child    


       -               Unknown                                                                                         EBB TIDE

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.    conceptions by Marcella Muhammad


       Marcella is a master painter with over 40 years experience who is recognized for her elegant, sophisticated and excitingly colorful style.  She works primarily with oils on canvas but uses pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media when the work demands.  read more  








                                                  Amina                                                                          Waiting For America


     Beverly "Guitar" Watkins                          In The Wings


                                    Ashé III                                                              Divas on Vocal

     creations by Kolongi

    Kolongi emigrated from Barbados with a single purpose to establish himself as an international artist,  read more


                                                       "You Deserve The World"                       "Pink Flamingos"


                "Warrior Queen"                                                                   "Deep Love"


   The World of Tracy Andrews


A self-taught artist, Tracy Andrews began his love for art at an early age, finding himself inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso,  read more



                                                       Leopard                                                                      Cutting Up


                                  Midnight Slammin'

Works by Charly Palmer 

 Charly Palmer was born June 29, 1960 in Fayette, Alabama. and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 1981 he's made a career of Graphic Design and Illustration.   read more


                                     Man and Son II                   I am a Man (Original)          Big Mama and Daddy


Gentle Giant

Artist: Michael Brown

Angelic Lessons
by Wright, Edward Clay

Mother's Little Angels
by Woodrum, R.

Angels of Hip Hop: Artist: Reggie & Barry

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