"Even semantics have conspired to make that which is black seem ugly and degrading.  In Roget's Thesaurus there are some 120 synonyms for blackness and at least sixty of them are offensive, such words as blot, soot, grim, devil, and foul. And there are some 134 synonyms for whiteness and all are favorable, expressed in such words as purity, cleanliness, chastity, and innocence. A white lie is better than a black lie. The most degenerate member of a family is the "black sheep." Ossie Davis has suggested that maybe the English language should be reconstructed so that teachers will not be forced to teach the Negro child sixty ways to despise himself, and thereby perpetuate his false sense of inferiority, and the white child 134 ways to adore himself, and thereby perpetuate his false sense of superiority.  The tendency to ignore the Negro's contribution to American life and strip him of his personhood is as old as the earliest history books and as contemporary as the morning's newspaper."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   /  16 August 1967


     Stories of Blackness is a grouping of short stories written in the venue of folklore.  Stories like "How the Skunk got His Stripe, and "Beauty of the Black Widow, are designed to instill pride in Blackness.  Black is beautiful and nourishing and dynamic. 


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     Pride soaring

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