President Barack Obama!

Barack Obama is elected President! This I wrote on Nov. 5th 2008 at 6:31 AM just before it was official. I went on; He will become the First Black Man to achieve the highest office of the free world and of a nation that is not predominant black. Britain technically abolished slavery in 1807, after the Haiti experience – and replaced slavery with indentured labor. Finally, further rebellions in Barbados (1816), Demerra (1823) and Jamaica (1831-32) forced the British hand. Freedom to British slaves came finally in 1833 after the British Government passed yet another law, to outlaw slavery, Slavery Abolition Act in 1833 – and paid ‘compensation’ to slave owners. An egregious and glaring example was the ‘compensation’ to the Bishop of Exeter and his partners the amount of GBP12,700 to ‘compensate’ them for the ‘loss’ of 665 slaves in 1833. Thirty years before America issued the Emancipation Proclamation by US President Abraham Lincoln, and thirty two years before Ratification of thirteenth amendment completed, and Great Britain has not yet given the Black Man credence by electing a Black Prime Minister.

As a strong and proud Conservative but not a blindly devoted party hack, I do know where my vote will go. People always talk of the lesser of two evils. Why must we always choose an evil? The lesser of two evils is still evil? That being said, I do whole heartily harbor some regrets voting in this election and fear what future elections will bring. My generation of the baby boomers is now getting into office of leadership. Starting with Clinton to Bush Jr., we have such a stormy future as this generation comes to power in office and heaven help us for the generation behind us as they come to power. Capitalism, Democracy, and Freedom is in jeopardy. NAFTA stole American jobs, The Patriot Act steals our freedoms, selling secretes to China has accelerated their Communist rise to power as we increase their economy and diversifying their holdings, our equity in our country is weakening. Vendetta wars and approved and condoned torture, this has taken away our creditability and humanity, just what I ask is going to be loss next?

I had to consider going against my better judgment and voting for a liberal, who throughout history have given nothing to my community but entitlements and dependence on the government, and removing our God given strength of fighting. These entitlements have been given to us by millionaires, many Democrats are millionaires, who guise their millions in the small government handouts we get in programs while keeping us depended. Barack is too a millionaire who speaks of what he will give us.

I must state that my choice was purely and specifically and deliberately for Obama for only one reason and one reason only! Michelle Obama!! My time here on this earth going forward is to affirm and encourage and to honor my Beautiful Black Ladies. Michelle Obama and her two little girls living in the White House as First Lady and First Little Ladies means more to me than anything the Liberal Democrats can give to me or the Conservative Republicans can take from me.

Here I didn’t choose the better of two evils but I chose to pick the One for the Better Good! Obama is truly the one for the better good as my Beautiful Black Little Ladies can now look and see they count. When my Beautiful Black Little Ladies can see they can find a Black man and become First Lady. And My Beautiful Black Queens can see they are not worthless. The hell with tiger woods and judge clarence thomas. I did not capitalize those names on purpose. Matricide must now end!

Here is another reason the choice of Obama is a choice for the better good. Across the nation Black Folk stood in lines, we didn’t complain, we didn’t give up, and we didn’t create hostilities and WE VOTED! Since the fight to end slavery and the fight for our civil rights, we stood strong, together, organized, and we won. That is the one big auspicious lesson. Stand together, don’t complain, don’t give up and make you voice heard.

And one more reason Obama is the candidate for the better good. It is not a Black thang. Ohio a red / republican state, Virginia a red state Barack took those states proving he crossed color and party lines. He reinforced the United, in the United States of America.

There is a conservative America. There is a liberal America. There is an ethnic America but the qualifying word is America. We have stood together for crises in the past from Perl Harbor and WWII to 911, from the San Francisco earthquake to Katrina. Across party lines, across religious lines and across color lines yes we can make a difference. Yes We Can stop regular folks from losing their homes! Yes We Can help regular folks go to college! Yes We Can put regular folks back to work! Yes We Can do it ourselves and without leadership and government. Yes We Can!

I must explain. Up to this point I talk of my choice in Obama. I did not vote for Barack Obama. The person I voted for was Michelle Obama. I voted for the one for the Better Good. My vote and the success of my vote qualified my Mother. Now my mother counts. For the times when she was walking to school as a littler girl and the white kids would ride pass on the school buses and spit at her, now my mother counts. For the times when my mother had to go into a department store through the back entrance as white women used the front door, now my mother counts. For the times my mother went to school as a single parent after the death of my father, and worked a full time job and raised her family alone without help, all at the same time, now my mother counts. For the times my mother went to plays and professional events and saw her men adorned with white woman, now my mother counts. As my mother’s youth slipped away from her and the men to come her way either wanted her to pay their way or wanted to take advantage of her leaving her giving up on Black men, now my mother counts.

My vote for Michelle Obama or should I say, Barrack Obama for President, clearly shows that a Black man of social standing, education, success and intelligence can assuredly partner with and successfully wed an independent, strong, intelligent, beautiful and successful Black Lady! NOW MY MOTHER COUNTS!

Their two little girls living in the White House as First Little Ladies of the free world qualified my sister and all my sisters. Now my sister counts. As I hear my sisters of the community judge themselves as not good enough, now my sisters’ count. As I see my sisters give up and give in to what others define as their environment, I see hope. Now my sisters count. Matricide must now end!

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of one another. Now is the time to keep standing strong. Keep in mind that Barack is not the winner by himself. He is the winner by the aid of each and every one of us. He will not be successful unless we are all successful. He does not walk on water and he does not have the power unless we help him. We can first help President Barack Obama by standing behind him through the trying times of fixing our economy and not be rushed to judge him based on our expectations.

We next will help President Barack Obama by helping ourselves. We have always had the power but allowed something or someone to stand in our unity. We now stand strong. We now stand with much power! Let’s not lose it as we did with civil rights. I won’t give up or give in. My Redwood Foundation is close to coming together. A true Black Global Nation can come to awareness with the $600 billion we are worth here in America. Together with Haiti, Africa, Jamaica, and all the other nations we can unite as one.

Stand strong!!!

Help me help others. Contact me if you want to join in to the Yes We Can movement.