About Christopher D. Odom

About me., and who am I? I could tell you about my successes in business and education. I could tell you about my failures. I could tell you of all the places I’ve traveled to and inform you of my worldly treasures. This is not who I am nor is it what I’m about.

I am the people who bravely walked across the ice bridge to populate the world from the great continent of Africa where all life began. I am the Zulu the Masai. I am the men and women who were savagely stolen from their lands and placed into slavery throughout the globe. I am the thousands of men who died fighting for freedom in the civil war whose reward was segregation and lynching. I am the men and women, who lived and died trying to survive in a land they built and were not welcome to stay in,

I am the men who died in World War II fighting the evils of Hitler only to come home to evils of Jim Crow. I am the freedom fighters whose strength was so great that they allowed dogs to bite them and allow fire hoses turned on them to empower the future with civil rights.

I am the convertible top, the traffic light and the multitudes of inventions created by men and women of Africa decent. I am the doctors and lawyers and I am the crack head and the criminal. I am the home owner and the welfare family. I am the strong beautiful single Black mother and I am the drunk and skirt chaser, I am the person running from who I am and I am the proud Black man standing in your face..

I am the child in the ghetto with no hope for future and success and I am the privileged child who is expected to be a success. I am a sum total to all my people. Those who had struggled those who have failed and those who have succeed. I am the sum total of every black man and woman in the past, the present and into the future. What I have is because of them. What I am about is knowing where I came from, what I live with and what I’ll have in the future. All my people is who I am!